Other ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Many people choose to have a naming ceremony for their children. This is an alternative ceremony to the traditional christening in a church.  

Renewal of marriage vows

Couples often choose to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary by renewing their vows, this can be at 10, 20, 25, or more years!  Sometimes the couple didn't have a big wedding ceremony so they choose to gather their family and friends to help them celebrate their vow renewal.

Commitment Ceremonies

Although it is now legal to have a same sex wedding, some couples still choose to have a commitment ceremony rather than have a legal wedding.  

Memorial Ceremony

An alternative to a funeral ceremony, sometimes a funeral might have been held interstate or overseas preventing mourners the chance to attend so a memorial service is held locally, either at a cemetery, or in a park or private home.

Transitional Ceremonies

There are lots of other times that a ceremony can be held, sometimes it might be for teenagers who have travelled a difficult path and want to make amends,  maybe they want to acknowledge a step parent,  or in some cases have a mentor or guardian appointed as their 'special friend'.

Welcome to new home or new lifestyle

Some families have started afresh,  at a new place and feel the need to have a ceremony.  Others are breaking away from the past and choose to have a celebration to mark the new changes they want to make.